Saturday Nov 09, 2019

10:00 - 18:00

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Room: Hyatt - Grand Foyer 1

Conference registration

Room: Hyatt - Grand Foyer 1

12:00 - 15:30

Executive Committee meeting

(by invitation only)
Room: Hyatt - Neilsen 1

Sunday Nov 10, 2019

08:00 - 09:00

Regional Chairs Committee meeting

(by invitation only)
Room: Hyatt - Neilsen 3

08:00 - 18:00

City tours and technical tours sign-up

Room: Hyatt - Grand Foyer 1

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Room: Hyatt - Grand Foyer 1

09:00 - 11:00

Communications and Public Affairs Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Stephen A/B

Workforce Development Committee meeting

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Room: Hyatt - Neilsen 1

09:00 - 12:15

Technical Services Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Imperial 1/2/3

10:00 - 11:00

Accessible Transit Sub-Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Herald

Maintenance & Vehicle Technology Sub-Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Doll

Planning & ITS Sub-Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Bannerman

Statistics Sub-Committee meeting

(open to all members)
Room: Hyatt - Walker

10:15 - 17:00

City Tour - Banff

Surrounded by some of the world's most awe-inspiring mountains, Banff is the perfect place to explore the Canadian Rockies. With pristine wilderness, exciting outdoor activities, beautiful sights and charming character, the town has something for everyone. You'll get a chance to head off and explore the town, choosing your own adventure in this breathtaking destination.

Room: Hyatt Lobby

11:00 - 13:00

Business Members Committee meeting

(open to all business members)
Room: Hyatt - Stephen A/B

Transit Board Members Committee meeting

(by invitation only)
Room: Hyatt - Neilsen 1

12:00 - 16:00

City tour by Calgary Transit

Room: Hyatt - Grand foyer 1

13:00 - 16:30

Board of Directors meeting (SI)

(by invitation only)
Room: Hyatt - Imperial 1/2/3

18:30 - 20:00

Welcome reception

Sponsored by Cummins
Room: Glenbow Museum, 130 9TH Ave S.E., Calgary, AB, T2G 0P3

Monday Nov 11, 2019

07:00 - 18:00

Conference registration

Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

07:15 - 09:15

Remembrance Day opening breakfast with Calgary Transit (SI)

Welcome by Marco D'Angelo, CEO, CUTA

Opening and local presentations by Naheed Nenshi, Calgary Mayor and Doug Morgan, Acting General Manager, Transportation, Calgary Transit

Opening and release of 2019 UITP global LRT statistics and reports by João Rebelo, UITP Vice President

International keynote speech by Wojciech Bartelski, CEO, Warsaw Transit, Poland

Room: BMO - Palomino D/E

09:00 - 18:00

Transit Show exhibitor registration

Room: BMO - Hallway Exhibit Hall D

09:15 - 10:30

Maintenance roundtable

Moderator: Jonathan Lewskewich, Grande West Transportation

Room: BMO - Mustang

Session 01

Shifting to rail: Bold new projects (UITP)

This session will feature some of the brightest, largest, most transformative LRT projects from around the globe and offer a unique opportunity to discuss recent experiences with planning, design, construction, and service start-up stages.

Moderator: Andrew Bata, UITP North America

Speakers: Remo Bucci, Deloitte

Presentation: Ottawa Confederation Line LRT - lessons learned

Speaker: Rick Clarke, Director of Capital Construction, LA Metro

Presentation: Mega projects in Los Angeles

Speaker: Ibrahim Ibrahim, CEO, Portland Design, London, UK

Presentation: Turning stations into city hubs

Speaker: Pat Borrelli, Head of Streetcar Maintenance, Toronto Transit Commission

Presentation: Toronto LRT fleet renewal

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 02

Turn on location services to allow origin-destination to help your transit system

Origin-destination (OD) information is crucial to understanding the customer and effectively designing and managing transit services. This session includes a transit system pilot project using customers' smartphone information, a case study on an alternative cost-effective approach to understanding individual travel demands, and a presentation on establishing data sharing through a specific, mandatory, open-data policy design.

Moderator: Chris Jordan, Calgary Transit

Speaker: Mariam Bello, Dillon Consulting

Presentation: Location settings enabled - Using big data to transform the transit network in Windsor, Ontario

A case study on the use of anonymized location-based big data to understand individual travel demands, characteristics, and habits as part of a strategic transit service review. Includes recommendations for implementing this cost-effective alternative approach to a traditional origin-destination study for other transit systems.

Speaker: Hendrik Wolff, Simon Fraser University

Presentation: A new open-data framework for mobility as a service (MaaS)

This presentation analyzes the market structure of the new shared-mobility industry. We find this industry is dominated by network effects that lead to market concentration, but that establishing data sharing through a specific mandatory open-data policy design can promote competition within the industry and increase social welfare.

Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

Session 03 (SI)

Customer engagement = bottom line

Hear how four transit systems are harnessing customer data to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Moderator: Shirley Samujh-Dayal, Coast Mountain Bus Company

Speaker: Anna Dushina, Société de transport de Laval (STL)

Presentation: Customer segmentation and measuring customer turnover: Practical applications for smart-card data at Société de transport de Laval

This presentation brings to light two projects that illustrate the potential of using smart-card data for marketing and monitoring transit agencies' key performance indicators. We will discuss the methodologies, the results, the benefits and the challenges involved.

Speaker: Steve Habrun, Transit Windsor

Presentation: Transit Windsor service review, community engagement and data use

Explain the reasoning for conducting a service review and how Transit Windsor, along with Dillon Consulting, reached our community during the public consultation process. The presentation will outline data and community engagement tools used as well as limitations we faced.

Speaker: Ian Dickson, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Presentation: Why design matters: The role of customer experience in transit modernization

The talk will focus on how the TTC has leveraged customer-facing media to enhance customer experience and complement overall system modernization.

Speaker: Blair Allen, Region of Waterloo - Grand River Transit (GRT)

Presentation: Grand River Transit's New Directions plan: Preparing for an LRT launch

GRT launched a new LRT service this June that required a significant change to the whole transit network. Transit staff developed the New Directions plan that formed a basis for communicating changes to the public in a way that clearly laid out the overall service goals.

Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

10:30 - 10:45

Health break

Sponsored by Engie Ineo
Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

10:45 - 12:00

Maintenance roundtable

Moderator: Jonathan Lewskewich, Grande West Transportation

Room: BMO - Mustang

Session 04

Digitalization and the latest in new technologies (UITP)

This session will address the most recent technological and organizational innovations that are set to transform the business of the transit and LRT industries. Digitalization is at the core of such innovations.

Moderator: James Hammett, UKTram

Speaker: Michael Rüffer, CTO, VGF, Franfurt-am-Main, Germany

Presentation: From driver assistance and collision avoidance towards automation and driverless LRT

Speaker: Martine Chlela, SNC-Lavalin

Presentation: Cyber security of our digitized light rail and transit systems

Speaker: Jonathan Fox, Crossrail2, London, UK

Presentation: "A view from London, England"

Speaker: Josipa Petrunic, CEO, CUTRIC

Presentation: Next generation rail innovations in Canada: Outcomes of a national consultation process

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 05

Transit data management - Why data is king

In the age of ever-emerging technology, there's an unprecedented amount of data to collect to better our businesses. This session explores the importance of data-driven decision making and discusses the benefits and risks of public transit data sharing.

Moderator: Ann-Marie Carroll, York Region Transit (YRT)

Speaker: Chris Campbell, Routematch

Presentation: The value of business intelligence

Good data leads to business intelligence for increased rider satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Agencies do not have to pick one or the other; they can have both.

Speaker: David Dekozan, Cubic Transportation Systems

Presentation: Mobile's untapped transit potential

Mobile is one way for transit agencies to remain relevant and topical in an era of new mobility. We'll share global lessons learned where these applications have been tried and trained.

Speaker: Cecilia Viggiano, EDR Group

Presentation: Public transit data sharing: Now and in the future

The presentation will enumerate the benefits, risks, and challenges of public transit data sharing by documenting the experiences of a wide variety of public transit agencies. It will provide guidance for public transit data sharing both at the organizational level and in terms of individual data-sharing decisions.

Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

Session 06 (SI)

It's electrifyin'! Electric fleets of today and tomorrow

This session explores the intricacies of fleet electrification from the integration of electric buses at the system level to getting local authorities onboard.

Moderator: Jennifer McNeil, New Flyer

Speaker: Edward Stubbing, AECOM

Presentation: The European approach to supporting the adoption of electric vehicles: A case study of London and Paris

Electric vehicles are emerging as the preferred alternative to combustion engines and local authorities will need to support their uptake. Paris and London have both faced similar problems and took different approaches to encouraging change. This presentation will provide insight on the methods used and offer valuable lessons.

Speaker: Eddie Robar, City of Edmonton and Paul Netzband, City of Edmonton

Presentation: Progressive, innovative approach to environmental leadership through transit initiatives

The City of Edmonton is electricifying its transit fleet with an innovative approach that promises a 1:1 bus replacement of diesel with battery electric buses. This presentation will demonstrate that it is possible to fully electrify a fleet in our lifetime.

Speaker: Sylvain Gonthier, Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL)

Presentation: Electrification at the Réseau de transport de Longueuil

The RTL intends to electrify its bus fleet starting in 2025 at the latest. A structured transition program will be necessary to ease the integration of buses into the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Speaker: Pierre Zivec, Transdev

Presentation: Electric and autonomous: For or against, good or bad, what is the best choice?

Do electric vehicles actually contribute to environmental protection and economic development? Transdev, through its e-living lab (a laboratory dedicated to electric mobility), has developed expertise in this area recognized by many clients around the world.
Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

11:00 - 11:02

Remembrance Day moment of silence

12:15 - 12:45

Lunchbox Pickup

Sponsored by BAE Systems
Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

12:45 - 15:45

CUTA's first-ever data blitz!


Filip Majcherkiewicz, Calgary Transit

Arif Rafiq, Esri Canada

Igor Zaslavsky, York Region Transit (YRT)

CUTA is hosting its first-ever data blitz to inspire the transit industry on how General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data can be leveraged to advocate for public transit in Canada.

To provide an enhanced level of service, Calgary Transit undertook a very ambitious project in 2018. Almost 25% of Calgary Transit's bus network underwent significant changes, including the implementation of three new BRT routes. Calgary Transit is eager to evaluate the impact of their implementation and gain insight into how the data can be leveraged.

CUTA challenged teams to demonstrate innovative thinking through analyzing a set of GTFS data from Calgary Transit's bus routes in 2018-2019. Team findings will help Calgary Transit evaluate the efficacy of their network redesign in 2018 from an operational, customer and societal benefits perspective.

Attend this session to hear presentations from teams of transit agencies, academics, data analysts and consultants from across Canada. A panel of transit data experts will evaluate presentations and facilitate discussions.

WARNING: this session may challenge what you thought was possible.

Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

13:00 - 15:45

Technical tour 01

Operations Control Centre

Calgary Transit's Operations Control Centre (OCC) is the heart of the organization, allowing CT staff to monitor and manage the operations of the entire transit network under one roof. It features state-of-the-art technology that streamlines managing the LRT system, bus service and CCTV security system. Using modern technology, the OCC keeps CTrains and buses moving and customers informed. The OCC is critical to supporting peace officers, transit operations, and field maintenance staff as they deliver valuable service to Calgarians.

On this exciting tour, you will get a chance to see how the OCC manages day-to-day operations and learn how it seamlessly makes the switch to emergency operations the moment an incident occurs.

Sponsored by Hatch


Technical tour 02

Stoney Transit Facility (CNG Garage)

Completed in early 2019, the new 44,300-square-metre facility provides storage and maintenance space for a new fleet of CNG buses as well as diesel buses that are currently stored outside the city's other bus garages. It is capable of housing 424 buses, 36 maintenance bays, including two detail-cleaning bays, on-site compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure, and associated staff facilities. It also supports diesel bus operations, recognizing the transition period needed to introduce CNG buses into CT's fleet.

Sponsored by Nova Bus


Technical tour 03

MAX Purple - 17 Ave S. E. Transitway

The 17 Avenue S.E. transitway consists of the two centre lanes of 17 Avenue S.E. and includes three new transit-only bridges crossing the Bow River, the Western Headworks Canal and the Deerfoot Trail. This transitway not only helps riders get to their destinations more quickly and reliably, but also benefits regular vehicle traffic since there are fewer delays for bus stops and lane changes.

During planning and construction of the transitway, the City of Calgary worked with the numerous businesses along 17 Avenue S.E. to ensure they were involved in this important new infrastructure. The transitway incorporates a number of features to ensure easy access to businesses on both sides of the road, including legal U-turns at intersections, a first for Calgary.


Technical tour 04

Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility LRT

The Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility is Calgary Transit's largest facility for the storage and repair of light rail vehicles. It features a maintenance shop set up as a three-floor system, allowing for activity on multiple levels, a washing and drying facility for LRVs, sand-storage system, overhead cranes and machine-shop machinery.


Technical tour 05

Calgary Transit Access Operations Centre

The Calgary Transit Access (CTA) Operations Control Centre (OCC) manages many aspects of CTA to deliver safe, responsive and courteous public transportation services to Calgarians who can't use Calgary Transit services due to a disability.

Communication is vital at CTA's OCC to schedule trips, resolve trip or customer issues, and respond to emergency situations like vehicle or customer incidents. You will see how the OCC uses its scheduling software, GIRO, to send pre-formulated messages between the OCC and operators, and mobile data terminals (MDTs) to communicate run info and trip details with operators. Live GPS estimated times of arrival (ETAs) are communicated to the OCC from vehicles on the road so that the OCC can provide real-time ETAs based on where the vehicle is located.


Technical tour 06

Centre City Mobility

Hop on a Lime bike and tour Calgary's Centre City Cycle Track Network. With over 2.5 million trips taken by Calgarians on bikes, skateboards, and scooters, the cycle track network has quickly become an essential piece of transportation infrastructure downtown.

Learn about the cycle track pilot, materials that were used to implement the network quickly, data collection and the winter maintenance required to keep Calgarians moving year-round.

Please dress for the weather, especially the hands (gloves/mitts)!

Room: Hyatt Lobby

13:15 - 17:00

Companion tour

City Bus Tour

Sometimes the best way to view a city is to hop on a bus. The Calgary City Bus Tour will include highlights of downtown Calgary, various vantage points that showcase the city, several local attractions, engaging stories, and interactive experiences. The tour guide will provide commentary that will bring the city to life as only a personal introduction can. Highlights will include City Hall, the Calgary Tower, Olympic Plaza, the Peace Bridge, TELUS Spark, Memorial Drive Field of Crosses, Studio Bell, Stampede Park, Canada Olympic Park, and much more.

Room: Hyatt Lobby

16:00 - 17:15

Session 07

LRT operational excellence (UITP)

This session will offer an insight into clever ideas and operational practices that help make LRT transit the mode of choice, focusing on customer service, safety, information, and design.

Moderator: Andrés Muñoz, UITP

Speakers: Jörn Schwarze, CTO, KVB, Cologne, Germany

Presentation: How a new Intermodal Transport Control Systems (ITCS) capabilities enhance most operational functions, from planning to passenger information and maintenance.

Speaker: Grzegorz Madrjas, Warsaw Tramway

Presentation: Improving operations with traffic light priority: the case of Warsaw

Speaker: David Dimmer, Thales Canada

Presentation: How signaling technology supports high quality operation of LRT Projects

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 08

Tapping and ticketing technology

This session presents key takeaways that are leveraging the latest technologies to deliver innovative ticketing solutions and mobility options.

Moderator: Paul Comfort, Trapeze Group

Speaker: Jorgen Pedersen, Masabi and Chris Jordan, Calgary Transit

Presentation: Mobile ticketing pilot in Calgary

Speaker: Gary Googins, Vix Technology

Presentation: Changing fare collection methods: 'It takes a village'

Fare collection system implementations are complex endeavours that touch every department of a transit agency and directly impact your customers. This session will share some key lessons learned and best practices to achieve a seamless transition and frictionless experience for your customers and staff.

Speaker: Sophie Le Blanc, Transit, co-presenting with St. Catharines Transit

Presentation: One-tap fare purchasing: Reducing friction in the sign-up process

In order to improve access to its system, St. Catharines Transit has deployed mobile ticketing with Transit. What's more, these users can access Transit's other mobility integrations (e.g. bike share) with one tap through Transit Accounts, which was created to reduce the friction of signing up for a new service.

Speaker: Bojan Sajlovic, Director, Digital Innovation, Visa Canada

Presentation: Transforming Payments in Transit

Over the past 5 years, after successful deployment in Transport for London, open payments in transit has experienced significant momentum. Visa has worked with ecosystem partners to create a transit payments model that provides ultimate user experience and cost savings. With the implementation of open payments, agencies have removed friction in transit payments, ultimately resulting in increased ridership, customer satisfaction and cost savings through displacing handling of tickets, tokens and cash. We are excited to deliver some of the latest trends and experiences from the field in this presentation.
Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

Session 09 (SI)

Overcoming infrastructure growing pains

Learn how three transit systems are developing innovative infrastructure solutions to adapt to challenging new technologies while improving customer experience.

Moderator: Bruce McCuaig, AECOM

Speaker: Renée Amilcar, Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

Presentation: Montréal prepares for 300 extra buses via an innovative, sustainable infrastructure

The STM is taking advantage of the imminent addition of 300 buses to its current fleet to adapt its infrastructure to current and future technologies. By developing innovative solutions, the STM aims to improve customer experience while making its mark in sustainable mobility.

Speaker: Sasha Pejcic, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Presentation: How smart tech is being used to alleviate customer pain points at Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

A leader in smart tech, TfNSW in Sydney, Australia is on an ambitious course to alleviate customer pain points while travelling on transit systems by piloting smart stations. At this session you will learn the eight customer pain points identified, smart solutions developed and what is being implemented.

Speaker: Nico Malfara, HDR

Presentation: Urban mobility solutions to deal with Mississauga's growing pains

This is a case study of what is underway in one of Canada's largest municipalities to support urban mobility and how to overcome challenges. This presentation will showcase the proactive work being undertaken to coordinate the municipality's multi-disciplinary needs to provide solutions that work for all people and modes.

Speaker: Mary-Frances Turner, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation (YRRTC)

Presentation: Building trust: Dedication to a better commute

York Region recognizes the inherent value of understanding the needs of residents in order to make sound decisions when it comes to infrastructure development for the present and future. Rider experience continues to play a key role in planning and providing reliable and comfortable transit service in our region.
Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

Special Session

Greening your transit fleet

Renewable or compressed natural gas buses and/or battery buses - What are your options? What are US transit agencies with experience with both bus types saying?

Speakers: Iain Johnstone, Clean Energy, Bernard D'Amour, Clean Energy, and Doran Barnes, Foothill Transit

Room: BMO - Mustang

17:15 - 18:30

BC Regional Committee meeting

(open to members from British Columbia)
Room: BMO - Arabian A

Ontario Regional Committee meeting

(open to members from Ontario)
Room: BMO - Arabian C

Quebec Regional Committee meeting

(open to members from Quebec)
Room: BMO - Arabian B

Tuesday Nov 12, 2019

07:15 - 17:00

Conference and Transit Show registration

Room: Palomino Hallway

07:30 - 09:00

Networking breakfast

Sponsored by BYD
Room: BMO - Palomino D/E

09:00 - 15:00

Canadian Transit Show

The Canadian Transit Show is Canada's foremost exhibition of bus, coach, rail and transit-related goods and services. An impressive number of exhibitors will be there with many new and returning companies. As always, the transit show offers plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues and industry suppliers, catch up with old acquaintances and build new partnerships. Come and join us.

Sponsored by BYD

Room: BMO - Exhibit Hall D/E

Canadian Transit Show Café

Room: BMO - Exhibit Hall D/E

09:00 - 17:00

UITP Light Rail Committee meeting

(by invitation only)
Room: BMO - Arabian A/B/C

10:30 - 14:20


Room: BMO - Exhibit Hall D/E

12:30 - 17:00

Companion tour

Downtown Tour

Hit some of Calgary's iconic spots - we'll start at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, to see over 2,000 rare artifacts, including Elton John's piano and the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. Then, we'll hop over to the internationally-renowned Central Library, hailed by Time magazine as an 'architectural masterpiece' and known to Calgarians as their newest community hub. We'll walk down Calgary's historic pedestrian mall, Stephen Avenue Walk, and finish in Devonian Gardens, an urban oasis, where you can relax or continue to explore and shop.

Room: Hyatt Lobby

15:15 - 16:15

Large systems roundtable

Moderator: Russell Davies, Calgary Transit

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 10 (SI)

Universal accessibility, apps and assistance

These two case studies show how ride-hailing apps and other new information tools are helping visually, hearing- and mobility-impaired passengers overcome the challenges of riding public transit while optimizing financial and vehicle resources.

Moderator: Tracy Loewen, City of Saskatoon

Speaker: Julie Allison, INIT

Presentation: Case study: Ride-hailing, and personalized journey guidance app is helping visually, hearing and mobility impaired passengers overcome the challenges of riding public transit in Singapore.

The LTA is making public transport more inclusive and accessible. The heart of MAVIS (an acronym for "Mobility assistance for the visually impaired and selected users") is a smartphone app developed by INIT.

Speaker: Mario Gagnon, Société de transport de Montréal, co-presenting with Jean-Nicolas Perreault, TI Bus/Métro

Presentation: EXTRA Connecte: Using technology to improve the paratransit customer experience

The Extra Connecte program marks the arrival of real-time technology for STM paratransit customers. The deployment of new information tools will significantly improve the customer experience and further optimize financial and vehicle resources.
Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

Small systems roundtable

Moderator: Cheri Malo, City of Whitehorse

Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

16:15 - 16:30

Health break

Sponsored by IBI Group
Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

16:30 - 17:30

Accessible transit roundtable

Moderator: Lynette Griffin, City of Regina

Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

Labour relations roundtable

(by invitation only)

Moderator: Michael Moellenbeck, Saskatoon Transit

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Urban rail roundtable

Moderator: Michael Ledgett

Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

19:00 - 23:00

Business members evening

Sponsored by CUTA business members
Room: National on 10th

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

08:00 - 09:30

Breakfast and 2019 CUTA Awards Ceremony (SI)

Room: BMO - Palomino D/E

08:00 - 11:00

Conference registration

Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

08:30 - 09:30

Canadian Safety and Security roundtable

Please refer to the Safety & Security Roundtable sessions in the CUTA app to download a PDF copy of the full Safety & Security agenda.

Room: BMO, Arabian A/B/C

09:30 - 10:45

Canadian Safety and Security roundtable

Please refer to the Safety & Security Roundtable sessions in the CUTA app to download a PDF copy of the full Safety & Security agenda.

Room: BMO - Arabian A/B/C

Session 11

Funding and financing (UITP)

LRT projects are capital intensive and require long planning and construction processes. It is increasingly recognized that the traditional sources of funding (taxpayer and users) are no longer enough to allow breakthroughs, not only for greenfield projects but also for modernization and asset replacement.

Moderator: João Rebelo, UITP Vice President

Speaker: Johan Haveland, CFO, Bergen, Norway

Presentation: Design optimization and TCO reduction

Speaker: Ian Cushion, General Manager, Keolis Grand River LP

Presentation: Hitting gold!

Speaker: Russell Davies, Calgary Transit

Presentation: Calgary Transit: Plans and issues for extension

Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 12

Innovations in autonomous vehicle tech

Hear the latest developments in safety, fleet management and more when it comes to autonomous vehicle technology.

Moderator: Ted Dowling, BYD

Speaker: Scott Lohnes, TransLink (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority)

Presentation: Evolution of onboard technology management

How TransLink is leveraging the cloud, automation, new technology, and commercial partnerships to deliver an innovative approach to fleet technology deployment and management.

Speaker: David Warren, New Flyer

Presentation: Using Advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) technology to further public transit safety

AVs have opened the door for safety and efficiency improvements that can be applied to transit as well. New Flyer's automated technology program centres on using the latest technology to provide connected mobility options that make mobility safer for transit agencies, operators, passengers and communities as a whole.

Speaker: John Stepovy, Pacific Western Transportation

Presentation: Learnings from AV pilots in Western Canada

An overview of the 12 autonomous shuttle deployments in Western Canada including learnings and consumer data sets on readiness and experience. In addition, we will discuss the future of autonomous shuttles and the plans underway for integration into the mobility ecosystem.
Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

Session 13

MaaS: On demand, connected and at your service

The emergence of more personalized mobility options, such as on-demand transit and connected and autonomous vehicles, presents new challenges for agencies. How do you design on-demand transit that works for agencies and that riders will love? How do you create a readiness plan? And who will own transit systems in the future?

Moderator: Sean Rathwell, Dillon Consulting

Speaker: Hamish Campbell, Via On-Demand Transit

Presentation: Designing on-demand transit that works for agencies and that riders love

Attendees will gain an understanding of the process for designing an on-demand service as well as how to ensure cost per ride goes down as ridership goes up.

Speaker: Sanathan Kassiedass, Metrolinx

Presentation: CAV (connected and autonomous vehicle) readiness plan for the GTHA - Waterloo Corridor

A regional readiness plan for the introduction of CAVs was drafted through an engaging process led by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, City of Toronto and Region of Peel. This presentation summarizes the findings, guidelines, and list of initial pilot projects to be recommended to a regional CAV liaison committee borne out of the project.

Speaker: Stephen Prendiville, Ernst and Young LLP

Presentation: Who will own future transit systems?

Today we think of transit being a public-owned service, with personalized mobility options being considered to be more privately owned. But in the future; is this likely to be the case?
Room: BMO - Mustang

Session 14 (SI)

On demand: When the rider is in charge

These four Canadian case studies will walk you through how they are incorporating on-demand transit into their systems and what the impacts have been so far.

Moderator: Charles Rushton, Calgary Transit

Speaker: Luc Richard, Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC)

Presentation: Integrated urban mobility...on demand

RTC Quebec City, a mobility leader, is evaluating the deployment of on-demand mobility. It is approaching it through modelization and plans to add service and not replace.

Speaker: CJ Bright, Keolis Canada

Presentation: Compelling and concrete results of Orange County's microtransit pilot project

Transportation authorities partnered with operator and tech companies to incorporate on-demand, dynamic shared rides into their services. Discover how the Orange County's on-demand transit service is aligning with the community needs and connecting with the existing bus and rail network.

Speaker: Luke Mellor, Pantonium

Presentation: What happens when riders take control? Evaluating on-demand bus service in Belleville, Ontario

An in-depth view of the data generated by Belleville Transit's on-demand service, looking at the impacts on ridership and travel behaviour over the course of seven months of operations.

Speaker: Laurent Chevrot, Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL)

Presentation: RTL à la demande: a micro-transit experience

RTL à la demande is an innovative new solution that complements existing transit in less dense territories where the urban environment is not well-adapted for regular service. This experience allowed us to learn a lot about this new mode of operation and our customers.
Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

10:45 - 11:00

Health break

Sponsored by Grande West
Room: BMO - Palomino Hallway

11:00 - 12:15

Canadian Safety and Security roundtable

Please refer to the Safety & Security Roundtable sessions in the CUTA app to download a PDF copy of the full Safety & Security agenda.

Room: BMO - Arabian A/B/C

Session 15

Rail closing session (UITP)

Moderator: Marco D'Angelo, CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Association

Speaker: Adam Giambrone, Project Manager, SAPTCO Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Presentation: Major Transit Plans for Riyadh

Speaker: Michael Thompson, Calgary Transit

Presentation: Calgary's Green Line Evolution and Challenges

Speaker: Wojciech Bartelski, CEO, Warsaw Transit, Poland

Closing remarks for CUTA by Michael Thompson, Calgary Transit, and closing remarks for UITP by Andrew Bata, UITP
Room: BMO - Palomino F/G

Session 16

Redesigning your network to meet your city's future needs

Learn from the experience of transit systems that have undergone successful network redesigns. Presenters will cover the importance of understanding the needs of residents and using public engagement and other tools and techniques to effect significant change.

Moderator: Bryan Whited, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS)

Speakers: Tania Wegwitz, Watt Consulting Group and Michelle Ferrigan, City of Greater Sudbury

Presentation: Saying so long to the pulse: Helping small-medium sized conventional systems make the next structural leap

This is a look at the specific tools and techniques that systems can use to successfully plan and implement significant structural changes. Drawing from recent work with the City of Greater Sudbury and other communities, it particularly focusses on transitioning from a "hub and spoke" structure to one prioritizing future RapidBus corridors.

Speakers: Filip Majcherkiewicz, Calgary Transit and David Kosiorm, Calgary Transit

Presentation: Transit network redesigns: A Calgary case for a phased approach

Calgary recently conducted a network redesign as part of implementing the new MAX Bus Rapid Transit Network. The phased approach offers advantages in public engagement and the experience of the customer at the individual level, and also offers lessons learned in an overarching strategy to guide project phases.

Speaker: Flavie Gagnon, GIRO Inc.

Presentation: Leveraging big data for LA Metro's network redesign

For its first network redesign in 25 years, LA Metro complemented traditional planning methods with a data-driven approach based on customer travel patterns. Anonymized, location-based data from mobile devices was used to reveal intensities of travel by location and time to help identify new, competitive markets. As part of this initiative, GIRO and Metro launched a joint innovation project to develop advanced software tools for network design and public outreach. These tools are used to design and evaluate network concepts more precisely, to better assess the impact on current and potential riders, and to consult with stakeholders and the public throughout the design process.

Room: BMO - Quarter Horse

Session 17

Transportation Demand Management (TDM): Can demand be managed?

This presentation offers a variety of lessons in transportation behaviour change using cognitive science, communications and big data.

Moderator: Madeline Zhu, Swiftly

Speaker: Gord McTaggart, Entro

Presentation: The First and Last Mile: Affecting passenger behaviour through communications

The future evolution of integrated mobility relies heavily on transit agencies to change customer behaviour with clear, continued communications from the first to last mile. From a strong transportation brand and clear service hierarchies, to leveraging technological applications and interventions appropriately, we will provide the keys of communication that create a sense of connec-tivity between services.

Speaker: Bidoura Khondaker, City of Calgary

Presentation: Harnessing big data to improve public transit services

The objective of this presentation is to highlight some examples of application and use of the Transit owned data and their combination with other data in transit planning, operation and management.
Room: BMO - Mustang

Session 18 (SI)

Transit CEOs unplugged

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from transit CEOs as they speak to the audience about trends in the industry, their own transit systems and careers, and what the future holds for transit in Canada and the world.

Moderator: Paul Comfort, Trapeze Group

Speakers: Phil Verster, CEO, Metrolinx, Erinn Pinkerton, CEO, BC Transit, Debbie Dalle Vedove, Director of Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, and Eddie Robar, Branch Manager, Edmonton Transit System (BTS)

Room: BMO - Palomino A/B/C

12:15 - 13:30

Closing lunch (SI)

Room: BMO - Palomino D/E

13:30 - 15:30

Canadian Safety and Security roundtable

Please refer to the Safety & Security Roundtable sessions in the CUTA app to download a PDF copy of the full Safety & Security agenda.

Room: BMO - Arabian A/B/C

15:30 - 15:45

Health break

15:45 - 17:30

Canadian Safety and Security roundtable

Please refer to the Safety & Security Roundtable sessions in the CUTA app to download a PDF copy of the full Safety & Security agenda.

Room: BMO - Arabian A/B/C

Thursday Nov 14, 2019

09:00 - 12:00

CUTA National safety and security working group

Room: Marriott - Acadian B